Well every day we develop for classified website some are big and some are small it is quiet common that most people stick where to start. Here is step-by-step basic guide for dummies on how to start a classified website

1) Take a good domain name

You can start with good domain name, you can include important keyword like name of your niche or geography location, depending upon the focus of your classified website. More focused you are , more faster you achieve targets for your website.

We would recommend namecheap.com or godaddy.com for registring the domain name, It cost around 10$ bucks for the same

2) Take a classified friendly hosting

There are lot of hosting available, many people have bigger targets and they tend to invest in hosting. We would highly recommend to start on shared hosting, if your volume is growing you can upgrade to your requirement that is just phone call away. so be reasonable as you plan the hosting.

We would recommend a hosting with good support , that comes in top 10 hosting companies , we have been hosting with same company for last seven years – here is the link chek that out , Under 10$ package you can start with

3) Install the Classified software

We believe you have already have the our real estate software , you can send us the hosting details & we will configure it free on your server. If you insist you want to still do it your self you may check our Classified Software
Installation Guide, It takes 2 minutes to make the site live.

4) Start generating revenue with Real Estate Listing script

Once you have launched it we would recommend to register with the google adsense or 3rd party banner networks , take the code integrate with banner manager. Once you have done this you will start earning with click that happens on your website

5) Start marketing the Website

Best way to launch the website is with help of articles marketing, informing exisitng email list of yours, Informing your social circle on twitter , facebook , blog. Send a good press release. This would generate some buzz. Rest is you will have to build the site

Start now with us your Real Estate Website with our SoftwareContact us

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Complete checklist for
classified website


Complete checklist for

classified website

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